BEI Sponsors Local SEE Science Center

BEI Networks is a proud sponsor of the SEE Science Center

BEI Networks continues to be a proud sponsor of the SEE Science Center and has directly contributed to its Evening of Discovery & Giving fundraisers and Vacation Week Camps. We believe that nurturing and educating the youngest members of our community in the fields of science, engineering, and mathematics is essential to growing those industries in the future. Our partnership with the Center allows us to have a direct impact on the education and involvement of children in technology fields.

Located in Manchester, NH, the SEE Science Center allows children to cultivate their skills in technology and increase their general knowledge while enjoying daily programs and exhibits. The Center has hosted children and their families since 1989 as they expand their interests and potential through a range of activities. Some of the events offered at the SEE Science Center include: the LEGOÒ Millyard Project, group tours, scientific exhibits on a variety of topics, and comprehensive outreach programs.

As part of BEI’s BE INvolved Initiative, this past September, BEI sponsored local inventor-extraordinaire Dean Kamen’s Evening of Discovery & Giving at his home to benefit the SEE Science Center. BEI was among the technology companies, businesses, and special guests who came together to contribute to the Center and explore the array of machinations on display. BEI previously sponsored this event in 2016 in honor of its 25 years in network solutions, and to promote the future of education for young scientists and engineers.

BEI is also sponsoring the SEE Science Center February 2017 School Vacation Week Tech Camp as a 25th Anniversary contribution. The funds from the donation will be used as scholarships for 10 children to attend the week-long camp. This aligns with BEI’s dedication to the education and empowerment of the youth in our community.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the SEE Science Center, and are proud to assist in growing their technology-based exhibits and activities.