High-Density Wi-Fi

High-Density Wi-Fi for Smarter Networks

Prepare for the Growing Demand for High-Performance Networks

Large entertainment arenas, sports stadiums, tourist attractions, hotels, hospitals and smart cities all share a common challenge – to provide a superior Wi-Fi experience for their customers. Given the ‘always-on’ expectations of mobile users at your location and on your Wi-Fi network, it’s time to plan for your current and future network demands to expand well beyond where they are today. Add the steady increase in the bandwidth requirements placed on your Wi-Fi network by mobile applications, IoT devices, video, and unexpected guest users, and you’ll realize demand is for more than just a larger Wi-Fi network-you’ll require a smarter network – one that scales, provides the services your users need, and a network that supports your business and marketing initiatives.

You Need High-Density Wi-Fi Networks for your High-Demand Environment

Whether your users are streaming a Facebook Live video, catching up on Candy Crush, or just uploading edits to their latest customer presentation, your network must keep up with demand. That’s where our team at BEI Networks is uniquely positioned to help you develop a plan and design your network, as well as build and support your networking environment to scale when and where you need it most. Whether you need a smart high-density network that automates wireless network configuration automatically by responding to shifts of Wi-Fi conditions or you’re building a BYOD access control system to support key marketing decisions with data, BEI Networks is your trusted partner because we have successfully solved some of the most complex Wi-Fi challenges in the industry.

Get Smarter with Smart High-Density Networks

Providing High-Density Wi-Fi delivers a better user experience while reducing the burden on your internal resources. The power to provide key data to help you determine how to ensure a better offline experience will be at your fingertips. Maximize your opportunities by using Wi-Fi data to strategize where to best allocate your resources, place concession stands and signage, and adjust traffic patterns to optimize a better overall user experience.

Start Planning your High-Density Wi-Fi Network Today

When planning a venue-wide network upgrade, let us help you explore the benefits of updating to a High-Density Wi-Fi network designed by BEI Networks. Our technologically agnostic approach removes the fear, uncertainly and doubt typically associated with a major technology overhaul, and will help drive your project to success.

Are You Implementing Changes to Your Network?

Download our Method of Procedure (MOP) Template and start mitigating risks and improving the efficiency of your network change request today.