Networking Solutions

High Performance. Rapid Deployment. Customized for Your Business.

Whether you’re building a new network, or are upgrading or optimizing your existing Wi-Fi environment, BEI Networks is your trusted partner to accurately assess, analyze, design, and deploy well-documented solutions that are customized for your business needs today, while looking ahead to your future growth. Our solutions include High Density Wi-Fi, Real-time Stadium Analytics & Analysis, Manufacturer-agnostic Services & Revenue Realization, and Network Assessments.

No matter your networking situation, BEI Networks is ready to put our expertise to use for you to improve your overall business performance. We’ve solved some of the most complicated networking challenges in the industry and look forward to solving yours, too. Our results-oriented approach ensures the networking solutions for your business are designed for rapid deployment, faster time to productivity, and optimized for performance.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“Extreme and BEI have partnered on a number of successful deployments to bring robust wireless connectivity and an enhanced game day experience to stadiums across the country. As a strategic stadium networking partner, BEI has been closely involved in installation, configuration, tuning, and support on these projects. We look forward to partnering on future deployments and continuing to improve the game day experience for fans, teams, and staff.”


Chief Marketing and Product Operations Officer
Extreme Networks

High-Density Wi-Fi

Large entertainment arenas, sports stadiums, tourist attractions, hotels, hospitals and smart cities all share a common challenge – to provide a superior Wi-Fi experience for their customers. Given the ‘always-on’ expectations of mobile users at your location and on your Wi-Fi network, it’s time to plan for your current and future network demands to expand well beyond where they are today.

Stadium Analytics & Analysis

Real-time in-stadium analytics and analysis by BEI Networks connects your fans the moment they access your network. Our analytics platform and analysis deliver unique insights into user and fan behavior as they browse the internet, roam about your stadium, and even when they use certain apps.

Manufacturer-agnostic Services Extension

Extending your existing business by selling manufacturer-agnostic services allows you to expand the value you provide to your customers by providing an end-to-end solution. You’ll realize improved customer satisfaction by controlling deployment and project success. Your customers are going to invest in consultative services-don’t miss this opportunity and leave money on the table.

Network Architecture Assessment & Development Strategy

A comprehensive network assessment is used to develop your IT strategy and plan for tactical system modifications. BEI Networks’ assessments provide a clear picture of your networks. We show where they are today and where the gaps are for transforming your network to meet your future requirements.

Are You Implementing Changes to Your Network?

Download our Method of Procedure (MOP) Template and start mitigating risks and improving the efficiency of your network change request today.