Field Services

Field Services: Satisfaction that Exceeds Standards and Expectations

Whether you require Field Services to support a one-day networking project or a multi-month strategic planning and implementation need, the only impact you should notice is when your project is complete and your transformation is in place — it should all take place with little effort for you. BEI Networks’ Field Services professionals are masters at the art of managing teams to execute and complete your required services on-time, on-budget, and with efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Field Services Methodology Focuses on YOU

BEI Networks’ unique blend of technical, project, and service expertise, coupled with our manufacturer-agnostic approach provides a proven methodology to ensure the success of your Network and High-Density Wi-Fi implementations. This methodology is derived from years of program and project management proficiency and our commitment to providing service to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

A critical part of our Field Service methodology includes YOU. Your overall project success requires important preparations and criteria on your end. We work with you on these preparations to ensure close collaboration between you, your teams, and BEI Networks.

Upon engagement with BEI Networks, YOU are always a critical partner to the overall success of your project.

While BEI Networks commits to make your project as easy as possible for you, we need your support, up front, to ensure your ultimate success. Here’s what you can expect to be accountable for when you engage our Field Services team.

  • You will be responsible for ensuring BEI has proper and timely access to requested information, people, and other resources critical to the successful completion of your project.
  • You will complete and sign Site Readiness form to ensure site is prepared for the services to be performed.
  • You will provide BEI with internet access and a work area (if required) appropriate for completing on-site activities. For the duration of the project, BEI personnel will be permitted onsite for execution of project related tasks.
  • You will provide required hardware password access to BEI, when applicable.
  • You or your team coordinates internal scheduling with the appropriate internal teams (facility managers, security personnel, associated contractors, affected work communities, etc.)
  • You will provide secure storage facilities for all materials, tools, and test equipment, and accepts liability for loss or damage (if required).
  • Hazardous environments: BEI will not perform work in environments involving asbestos, toxic or health risk chemicals, personal hazards, or safety issues that have or have not been pre-identified. You agree to promptly notify BEI in writing if/when you become aware of such hazards while BEI is performing duties on-site. BEI may, at its sole discretion, cease work at the location where hazardous materials are present until such time as appropriate safety measures are taken, or until client removes the hazardous materials. You agree to reimburse BEI for all expenses incurred as a result of the presence of such hazards.
  • In no event shall delays caused by the breach of terms or conditions related to the performance of services outlined in this Statement of Work be construed as a breach on behalf of BEI.
  • You will verify that were services performed and will sign BEI’s Project Completion form indicating that onsite services have been performed.

Are You Implementing Changes to Your Network?

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