Manufacturer-agnostic Services Extension & Revenue Realization

Manufacturer-agnostic Services Extension & Revenue Realization

Expand customer loyalty by providing top-tier, end-to-end networking solutions

The IT landscape is changing dramatically and shows no sign of stopping. New and more powerful technology with longer shelf life, a fragmented technological landscape, and shifting customer demands are creating a tremendous opportunity for you to sell more than physical products. Your customers expect more from you-to expand on your role as a trusted advisor beyond hardware-yet you need structure to provide consultative solutions and services that live up to your brand.

Extending your existing business by selling manufacturer-agnostic services allows you to expand the value you provide to your customers by providing an end-to-end solution. You’ll realize improved customer satisfaction by controlling deployment and project success. Your customers are going to invest in consultative services-don’t miss this opportunity and leave money on the table.

BEI Networks’ unique approach to white-labelling services is truly manufacturer agnostic, ensuring that each of your customers gets the right solution to their specific requirement. White labelled services that can be offered under your brand include:
  • Network L2/L3 Solutions
  • Managed Tiered Support
  • Network LAN/WAN Security
  • High-Density Wi-Fi Solutions
  • VoIP & VIP Network Solutions
  • Field Solutions & Deployments
  • Wired & Wireless Assessments
  • Program & Project Management

BEI Networks will operate as a seamless member of your team, expanding the value you bring to your customers.

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