BEI Sponsors Local SEE Science Center

BEI Networks is a proud sponsor of the SEE Science Center BEI Networks continues to be a proud sponsor of the SEE Science Center and has directly contributed to its Evening of Discovery & Giving fundraisers and Vacation Week Camps. We believe that nurturing and...

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Small Problems

The little things become big problems. Not because they actually are big problems, but because they are annoying. Duplicate sent items in Outlook, scheduling software that allows double booking, and slow DHCP on machine boot are all examples of those annoying little...

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Patch cables – what are you waiting for?

Patch cables are an afterthought, but the don’t have to be. You nitpick over datasheets and demos and reviews for everything in your infrastructure, picking and choosing the perfect product to fit your needs. But for your cables, you just grab the same box of blue...

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Are You Implementing Changes to Your Network?

Download our Method of Procedure (MOP) Template and start mitigating risks and improving the efficiency of your network change request today.