Stadium Analytics Analysis

Real-time Stadium Analytics and Analysis

Use analytics to drive smarter technology and marketing choices

Your sports or entertainment venue is packed with fans and you have a captive audience-literally-using your Wi-Fi. How do you tap into the mountains of data fans are generating so you can deliver a better overall experience? What kind of data can you capture, and what could you deliver-often in real-time-with the data you’re gathering?

In-Stadium analytics and analysis by BEI Networks connects your fans the moment they access your network. Our analytics platform and analysis deliver unique insights into user and fan behavior as they browse the internet, roam about your stadium, and even when they use certain apps. Your fans want the best experience possible and you can optimize nearly every aspect of that experience with robust, cloud-based, real-time analytics. Focusing on Wi-Fi analytics can help you to find and market to the customers you didn’t even know you had!

Your opportunity doesn’t end with data-it begins with data. Not only will analytics and analysis improve the experience, it also helps you to optimize your network, identify new monetization possibilities, and automate common, repeatable actions. Armed with data on what apps your fans are using, what types of activities fans are engaged with online, and how much bandwidth each app is consuming, you can create intelligent digital experiences that drive positive fan engagement and loyalty.

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