BEI Networks Announces Official Networking Partnership with Alpha Video & Audio, Inc.

Today, BEI Networks of Bedford, New Hampshire announced they’ve been named the official networking solutions and services partner for Alpha Video & Audio, Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The partnership ensures audiovisual, broadcast, and digital media systems integrator Alpha Video has trusted, full service solutions for clients with comprehensive network needs.

The partnership between BEI Networks and Alpha Video benefits both, the venues that deploy BEI’s comprehensive network solutions in their facilities, and their customers. As video infrastructures move from analog to IP based transmission, Alpha Video will leverage BEI Networks’ 27 years of experience in consulting, engineering, and assessment services to ensure successful client implementations.

BEI Networks is a leading network solutions and services provider and has designed and deployed some of the most complex wireless and wired networks across North and Latin America. Their comprehensive network, Wi-Fi services and solutions include in-depth IT infrastructure and network assessments. The capabilities provided by BEI Networks brings a new and enhanced level of service to Alpha Video’s customers.


About BEI Networks

BEI Networks transforms and improves end-user experience by delivering streamlined, efficient, and honest network solutions that remove fear, uncertainty, and doubt from the process. The company has been serving clients for over two decades, working with corporations, non-profits, and government agencies of all sizes. BEI Networks is an industry thought leader for network assessment, design, security, convergence, installation, configuration, Wi-Fi and high-density Wi-Fi, project management, troubleshooting, maintenance, field project services and tiered engineering support. BEI Networks works with customers throughout North and Latin America, and is headquartered in Bedford, New Hampshire.


About Alpha Video

Alpha Video is a national integrator of audiovisual and broadcast technologies that empower organizations to better communicate with their target audience. The company designs, integrates, and supports solutions that improve visual communications, collaboration, and content creation. With expertise in a variety of industries, Alpha Video combines best-in-class AV and broadcast technologies to create custom solutions to meet complex communications challenges. Alpha Video works with customers around the globe and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Visit Site.