Network Assessments

Network Assessments Protect your IT Investments and Give You Peace of Mind

As your business grows, so does your IT infrastructure, adding increased, daily demand to your networking environment. Add to that, the multiple ways your users now access your network and data with their own devices, from anywhere, at anytime. The reality is that your network needs to be safe and always on – 7 x 24 x 365. The thought of potential network vulnerabilities, bandwidth bottlenecks, under-utilized resources, failures, and constant uptime can keep even the savviest IT professionals awake at night.

What is a Network Assessment?

Network Assessments are a necessary part of your IT strategy to ensure you’re making the most thoughtful and informed strategic decisions to keep up with the requirements of your business. They review your existing IT infrastructure, management, processes, security, and performance to identify strength and weaknesses in your environment. Network assessments highlight not only your networking obstacles and problems but can also showcase areas where your team is doing well.

Whether you’re responsible for the technical infrastructure at a large sports stadium with tens of thousands of devoted and engaged fans or an online merchant whose business is driven by seasonal demands, network assessments are not an option. They should be included in your IT planning strategy.

BEI Networks works with you to provide a variety of network assessment offerings for your business. We can help to determine the overall security of your network, ranging from PCI and HIPAA assessments to how robust your networks, including wireless, are for spikes in traffic, use of video, etc.

Stop trusting your gut when it comes to where your networking issues reside. Take advantage BEI’s Network assessment offerings to determine a baseline for your existing environment and receive real data with specific findings. Data in hand vs. assumptions are what will benefit you most when you visit your CFO or CMO for increased IT budget requests.

Are You Implementing Changes to Your Network?

Download our Method of Procedure (MOP) Template and start mitigating risks and improving the efficiency of your network change request today.