Our Approach

Removing fear, uncertainty, and doubt in your network with clarity.

We have heard it all – Chief Information Officers, Vice Presidents, Directors and IT Managers have come to BEI with concerns about their networks and projects – fear that their networks won’t do what they need them to do, uncertainty about performance, and doubt about conflicting information presented to them. BEI understands those concerns and it’s our driving mission every day to remove fear, uncertainty and doubt by providing you with clarity. Our BE CLEAR methodology illuminates your network by providing a clear view of your network, with issue identification, resolution options and action plans to systematically and effortlessly transform your network.

Agnostic & Very Opinionated

BEI is agnostic and advocates on behalf of your needs, internally and externally. Internally, IT teams gain a new understanding of their network through our outside, unbiased view. Your team gets out of “the trees” to see “the forest.” Externally, IT teams value BEI’s manufacturer-agnostic approach as we recommend solutions that address specific challenges and needs, regardless of the technology and/or hardware chosen. And, we show clients how to maximize the use of hardware to meet specific needs. Every solution we provide is infused with the foundation of proven expertise that allows us to always be an advocate for our clients, every step of the way.

Client Clarity & Vision

BEI Networks’ BE CLEAR methodology is the foundation of all our services – engineering, program & project management, field and support services. Our methodology not only delivers success, it exceeds standards and expectations. Our proprietary methodology ensures clients have 100% understanding and clarity, backed with project management that is systematized for clear direction at every step of our relationship. Service delivery is what we do. As our sole focus our methodology delivers services expertly and clearly. One of our tenets is constant client communication, including Status Reports, Updates, Data Reports and Quarterly Business Reviews to ensure BEI Networks is delivering exactly what you need.

Virtual Operations Experts

BEI Networks operates in a virtual environment to serve clients with flexibility and agility. While some providers must operate in a brick-and-mortar environment, we operate efficiently in a virtual environment that has key advantages for our clients. And, our low overhead cost means that clients realize cost savings without compromising on industry expertise.

BEI Team Member Training

Clients have told us that “we show up differently.” BEI Networks team of industry-leading experts has a passion for networks and projects. Our team continually develops its expertise through a wide array of manufacturer and technology training, service delivery training and strategic, big-picture, thought-leadership training, ensuring our clients always have access to leading edge information and technology – delivered expertly. This ensures clients remain relevant within their markets, as do we!

Team member training ensures our engineers are ahead of the curve of emerging technology and we deliver that knowledge to our clients, every day.

Coupled with technical training strategies, our engineers have cross-functional and cross-industry insight. We show up differently with a different level of knowledge and a genuine desire to help you understand your network, how it integrates within your organization, is the backbone of your growth and most importantly, how it reflects your strategic goals. Our training regimen not only prepares us for client-specific insight and guidance, it elevates our network solutions. The BEI Networks team takes pride in delivering what you want, coupled with insight, so you have complete information to make integral decisions about your networks and projects.


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