Project Management

Thought-leadership and Expertise Deliver Comprehensive Plans for Success

BEI’s proven methodology, derived from years of project management mastery, is the key to your networking project’s success. This proficiency is why even the most complex projects managed by BEI Networks will be painless for you.

Project Management services identify doing the right projects at the right time. Our project management approach is comprehensive. We identify and manage:

  • Project requirements
  • Cross-project dependencies
  • Cross-project design
  • Risk mitigation
  • Aggregate result focus
  • Deliver long term improvements
  • Capability transfer and utilization

Project Management services identify how to do your projects right. You’ll receive comprehensive service to ensure projects are completed on-time and within budget. We are committed to ensure that we meet your project and program goals, and are that they are executed with ease.

You Can Be Confident in our Team’s Abilities

We’ve managed field services projects that require teams up to 100 people, working on months-long projects, maneuvering gently through our clients’ footprints, while completing the networking transformation on-time and within budget. For example, BEI Networks has managed stadium high-density Wi-Fi design programs, while understanding and incorporating competing needs of the stadium. Our project management methodology ensures projects, whether they are large or small, are completed on-time and within budget, while maintaining an environment of ease and peace-of-mind for you.

Our Project Management Lifecycle

BEI’s project management lifecycle is comprised of three phases: Assessment, Implementation, and Closeout. Our core project management tenets are the foundation of all three phases.

BEI’s methodology is a rich matrix of elements that create successful projects specific to your needs.

BEI Networks Project Management Core Tenets

Continuous Client Validation

Continuous validation with you is an essential ingredient of every BEI Networks project. It provides the continuity and communication every successful project demands and provides you with the visibility, accountability and control you expect and require. The success of every project is linked directly to the level of communication and closed-loop feedback we have with you.

Proactive Project & Thought Leadership

BEI Networks leads and manages projects proactively, not reactively. Our project managers have 20+ years of expertise leading and managing projects at every step, juncture and milestone – project pitfalls are identified proactively to avoid reactive clean-ups, keeping every project on track. The advantage of proficiency in any endeavor, including project management, is clarity. Clarity is the key to effective project plans, momentum and successful completion. Proficiency and clarity also provide the foundation for effectively utilized project management thought-leadership.

Repeatable Process

Your project process is repeatable, so we can employ your custom-created project template to each of your future projects. A familiar, repeatable process is one that is adopted with greater ease by all stakeholders.

BEI Networks manages your projects for success. Our methodology and core tenets create a rich and easily executable process.

Are You Implementing Changes to Your Network?

Download our Method of Procedure (MOP) Template and start mitigating risks and improving the efficiency of your network change request today.