BEI Networks Provides Key Data and Analytics Analysis at NFL Season Opener at Gillette Stadium

Playing Technology Quarterback

BEI Networks’ real-time data analytics team played a key role during NFL season opener at Gillette Stadium—and was recently featured on CRN, the source for news and analysis in IT. The following includes highlights from the article.

Building on last year’s upgrade to Gillette’s new high-density Wi-Fi network, Extreme Networks tapped into BEI Networks’ unparalleled technical expertise to track data and add value to fans’ —and Gillette’s marketers’—experience. BEI’s analytics team allowed Gillette’s marketing, technology and management teams to gain insight into the types of mobile devices fans use during games, what social and web technologies fans use, and deep insight and updates that can be used to help marketers create and deliver real-time promotions and offers to fans.

BEI’s stadium analytics team was able to do more than tell marketers if fans are on Facebook or Twitter. The actual fan experience is key to stadium owners, and access to the internet is a critical part of that experience. BEI’s analysis not only show activity—they also show the health of the network itself. Says BEI’s Network Engineer Manager Patrick Reed, “The real-time data allows IT teams to discover, find and locate network issues that must be fixed immediately.” This helps ensure that fans get the best connected experience possible.

In addition, game analytics can help stadiums like Gillette migrate from legacy 2.4GHz to 5GHz, track application groups to determine engagement opportunities, and more.

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